Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 Detailed, PlayStation 5 Improvements Revealed

This morning Square Enix hosted yet another Live Letter with Naoki Yoshida and friends to detail the upcoming 5.4 update, Futures Rewritten. This update has been long awaited, especially with the COVID related delays earlier this year. It will feature the next and final Shadowbringers’ raid tier, along with various other features.

  • New Story Quests
  • Eden’s Promise Raid Tier
  • Chronicles of a New Era – Sorrow of Werlyt Chapter 3
  • Emerald Weapon Trial
  • Matoya’s Relict Dungeon
  • New Unreal Trial Swapped in
  • Save the Queen “Delubrum Reginae” 24/48 Player Battle
  • Explorer Mode (Go into Dungeons for Screenshots)
  • Ishgard Restoration Final Step
  • Blue Mage Updates
  • Violin Added to Performance Actions
  • Triple Triad Rework
  • Additional Adjustments to PvE/PvP
  • Ocean Fishing, Doman Majong, Treasure Hunting, UI Skin, and More Changes

Additionally, Square Enix has also revealed that the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV will be playable on Sony’s next generation platform and will even feature faster load times thanks to the SSD. It will also feature the PlayStation 4 Pro’s graphical options. We still want a dedicated PlayStation 5 version that features greater visual improvements and potentially a 4K resolution, but that’s something we don’t expect to come until the fourth expansion pack next year.

During the Live Letter, they also announced that all the fan festivals have officially been cancelled, and instead, there will be an event in February, most likely digitally, and will feature a massive 14 hour broadcast.

Patch 5.4 will be available in early December, with the big Bozja Frontlines update coming next Tuesday.

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