Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Highlights Island Sanctuary, Criterion Dungeons

In the seventy-first live letter, Yoshi-P and crew sat down today to detail the upcoming 6.2x roadmap. While we’ve seen a general roadmap for all of Endwalker, this is specifically detailing upcoming changes and additions to the game in the next few months. There is a lot to go over, mostly good although some questionable:

  • Titled Buried Memory
  • Late August release date
  • Story will continue with a new dungeon “The Fell Court of Troia”
  • New Trial series begins
  • Second Pandemonium raids (Abyssos)
    • Savage will now be available one week after Normal difficulty
  • Unreal Trial changed to Containment Bay S1T7 (Sephirot)
  • Glamour Dresser doubles from 400 to 800 items
  • The ability to request repairs from others
  • Standard even number gear and item additions (crafted, new Tomestone, raid, potions, etc.)
  • Tataru’s Grand Endeavor continuation (requires Shadows of Mhach completion)
  • Omicrons Gathering Beast Tribe (6.25)
  • More ‘Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures’ (6.25)
  • Relic Manderville Weapons (6.25) – Tied to quests instead of instances
  • Variant Dungeons: Casual level 90 gameplay with 1-4 players (not role based)
  • Criterion Dungeons: Hardcore level 90 gameplay with 4 players with Extreme and Savage equivalent difficulties
    • Raises are restricted or unavailable entirely
  • Island Sanctuary will be out 6.25
    • Grow, cultivate and raise animals on your own sizable island with unique tools
    • Friends can visit with flying eventually being accessible
    • More details to come
  • Duty Support will be available for Post A Realm Reborn MSQ and (most of) Heavensward dungeons
  • Steps of Faith is now a solo instance
  • Thornmarch Hard to be redone
  • Adjustments to jobs and general buff/debuff modifications to critical hit and direct hit skills
  • Crystalline Conflict Season 2 begins next week but Series 2 will start 6.2
  • Rival Wings will be reimplemented

This is a lot of information from one live letter with a second part coming closer to release. Outside of the stuff we’ve become used to (the raid, msq dungeon and trial series), the big highlights are definitely the increase in the glamour dresser, Criterion Dungeons and Island Sanctuary. I’m still a little worried regarding the Relic weapons no longer being tied to a unique instance such as Bozja or Eureka, but considering both those areas have received a considerable mixed response, it should be interesting to see how they progress.