Final Fantasy XIV Streaming Fan Festival with Goodies

Final Fantasy XIV has garnered quite the community over the years which has allowed it to start throwing its own biennial Fan Festival. This year’s festival will be taking place at three different spots around the world but if you don’t already have a ticket then you’re probably out of luck for the live event. Rest assured that Square Enix will be livestreaming the event with bonuses in tow for those who purchase a virtual ticket.

You have to purchase a virtual ticket of $29.99 to livestream the event at any location you choose which includes Las Vegas, Toyko and Frankfurt. Purchasing a virtual ticket will not only grant you access to the two day event but it will also gift you with a costume from Final Fantasy X. There’s also minions being given away and for those who want to collect them all feel free! Each ticket you purchase at a different location will grant you another item.

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival will take place on October 14 and 15.