Final Fantasy XIV Update Patch 4.05 Goes Live

If logging into FFXIV today, a new patch will be ready and waiting, which brings with it quite a bit of content for a decimal patch. The patch won’t require any waiting around as the server down time has already passed, so just log on, update and hop in.

The biggest note of the patch is the new “Savage” mode for the Omega: Deltascape raid. Remember how there are Ninjas now, and how they have to look good? With Savage mode for the raid, players will have access to the new Genji armor and weapons, so achieving that perfect Ninja look has never been easier. Access to the new raid requires an item level of 310 but that shouldn’t be too difficult to reach for.

Another notable addition is the new tier of tomestone tokens having been added, which will be available for the grind, weekly. A cap being set at 450, so folks don’t get ahead of themselves. Additional changes for all roles have been seen across the board, but let’s leave the nitty-gritty of the patch notes here.

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