Final Fantasy XIV Valentine’s Day 2020 Event Kicks Off

The latest event in Final Fantasy XIV is now underway and features a rather unique change to the formula. You’ll still have to participate in match 2 games with another, but similar to a game such as Fire Emblem Three Houses, you’ll be choosing between, well, three emissaries of adoration.

Taking place until February 9, players will be able to vote for their favorite faction: Astrid (Red), Rodrigault (Blue), and Bert (Yellow). Your choose will be calculated for each server and the results laid out at the end of the event, where additional quests will occur based on who has won (#TeamBert). That will last until February 17.

The rewards are some rather lovely and dapper glamours for your character to wear, best represented by their factor’s colors. Of course you’re able to re-dye these if you wish to show your support for all three emissaries, but you’ll only be able to get one of the gender-locked outfits. I just wish my character could wear the opposite gender’s outfit. You can also unlock some housing items, such as tabletop food, heart-based fireworks, and more of the clothing.

The Valentine’s Day Event is happening right, so go out and show your support!

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