Final Fantasy XIV Villain Zenos Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Square Enix today released the Final Fantasy XIV villain Zenos yae Galvus for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

The fierce general of the Garlean Empire and Legatus of the XIIth is available now on both PS4 and PC. An elite combatant, Zenos’s introduction finally gives XIV it’s first villain. Y’shtola is the game’s hero representative.

Zenos is a hulking fighter that wields three divine blades in battle;  The Storm, The Swell, and Ame-no-Habakiri. He can freely switch between them to deliver three types of dizzy skills. After landing an attack of each time, his unique EX skill changes to Storm, Swell, Sword, which is a powerful HP attack.

Zenos is the first post-Season Pass DLC character to join the roster. Square Enix recently turned Dissidia Final Fantasy NT into a free-to-play game. Players can purchase characters standalone, or as part of a $29.99 package. Zenos and all future DLC are not part of that package. Individual characters will set you back $5.99.