Final Fantasy XV Could Get Enhanced PC Version

There have long been rumors that Final Fantasy XV could be coming to PC. Square Enix Director Hajime Tabata seems to want to see the graphical engine pushed beyond its limits. He expressed interest in really bolstering the technical side of things for high-end PCs. This would be the real reason behind releasing a PC version. In a recent interview with Gematsu, he mentioned that the PC version would have unique ways of playing and it could include mods.

Now it looks like the cat is out of the bag. It seems that DualShockers has confirmed that Final Fantasy XV is running as a “technical experiment” in a developmental environment. While noting that this is not officially a product at the moment, this PC was, according to the author, “extremely beefy”. He noted that it was powered by two Pascal GTX 1080 video cards running in SLI configuration. If you are unfamiliar with what that means, that is a bit overkill as those cards are extremely expensive.

Final Fantasy XV already looks beautiful. According to the author, vegetation, draw distance, density, and every detail was vivid and lifelike. Tabata let the author share this information, but would not go into detail. The fact that the director has a vision in mind for a PC version, and is running “technical experiments” on a developmental setup for a game that was released three years ago really points in the direction that there will be a PC version. Only time will tell and these facts do seem to be pointing in the right direction.