Final Mario Golf: Super Rush Update Adds New Characters, Courses, Modes

Since the game launched back in June on the Switch, Camelot has released several free updates for their latest Mario Golf title that has introduced new characters and courses at no extra cost.

Last night, Nintendo announced that Mario Golf: Super Rush would be receiving its final free update, and it seems to be its biggest one as well. Wiggler and Shy Guy are now both members of the playable roster, both of which can be used in the two new courses, the Cheep Cheep infested Shelltop Sanctuary which is composed entirely of Par 3 holes, and All-Star Summit where each hole resembles a different Mario character. While the new characters and courses are what players have come to expect, this final update adds two new modes as well: Target Golf, where players receive points based on where the ball lands within a circular target, and One-On, One-Putt, a solo challenge that can be played in either New Donk City or Shelltop Sanctuary where players must reach the hole in exactly two shots, with the first landing on the green and the second going in the cup.

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