Find a Companion in Tokyo School Life, a Visual Novel by M2

Remember M2? You know, the company that did all those 3D Sega games on WiiWare, Xbox 360 and 3DS? Of course you do — they’re awesome. Well, guess what? No, seriously, you should guess because it’s such a far stretch from their “norm” that even having read the title of this article isn’t enough to fully appreciate the insane leap in content.

Give up? It’s a dating sim. And it’s good, with Japanese voice acting and beautifully translated English subtitles. Weird, right?

In Tokyo School Life, players take the reigns of a young boy on a study-trip in Japan. Boarding with three uniquely expressive (and sized) girls isn’t all the fun the adult film industry would have you believe, but soon enough a budding love blooms. The entire story is told with players assuming the role of the boy (you enter a name at the start of the “adventure”), and boasts M2’s E-mote software which brings life to the 2D illustrations.

If you’re a lonely lover, unhappily married man or woman, Japanophile, stoner, hopeless romantic, anime nerd or simply an appreciator of fine and borderline sexual art, you’ll find the $14.99 Steam entry fee more than appropriate for such an engaging experience.

As best said by Steam user -MTi- Darcy (over 7 hours on record):

“This game touched me as much as I touched myself.”

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