Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Characters Detailed

Players looking forward to the season pass for Fire Emblem Warriors can now see just exactly who from the roster will be added in subsequent updates after purchasing. Thanks to the Australian eShop, players got a look at all the content expected for Fire Emblem Warriors as it releases. Each pack includes three new characters, an assortment of costumes, brand new armor models and additional history maps.

In the Fates pack players will gain access to Azura, Oboro and Niles. The Shadow Dragon pack will have Navarre, Minerva and Linde join the roster in addition to new weapons. Finally the Awakening set adds Owain, Tharja and Olivia with more weapons being added to this set as well.

Fire Emblem Warriors will be released tomorrow, October 20, for Switch and 3DS with the season pack being made available for $19.99 for those who want to pick it up right away.