Fire Pro Wrestling World Update Adds Moves and Tweaks

Fire Pro Wrestling World has been available for around two weeks now, and it’s an incredible experience already. In its earliest form, thousands of characters have hit the Steam Workshop – and we’ve got our own area there alongside a character creation guide for Brock Lesnar. Today, the game just got a new patch addressing a variety of issues and adding some excellent features. Removing characters from a match in the pre-match menus is much easier, and you can now speed up menus as well. CPU-controlled logic was also remedied and confusing things like the finisher and signature move system have been remedied as well.

On the screenshot side of things, it’s now much easier to get that perfect shot since a simple press of Y or Triangle in the pause menu gives you a HUD-free image just like in Fire Pro Returns. When it comes to moves, only one has been added – but it’s a big one. The Canadian Destroyer can now be done as a corner-to-center attack – so beyond having one that has a grapple setup, you now have one that can come out of nowhere to some degree and score a quick pin in a battle royal. Fire Pro Wrestling World is available now for a mere $19.99, and well-worth the cost of admission in early access.