Firefly-Inspired Outstation Prepares to Land on Kickstarter

DarkStone Digital today announced that its latest title, Outstation, would be coming to Kickstarter.

The indie studio plans for the sci-fi shoot ’em up to launch on the crowdfunding platform alongside a demo on October 8.

According to DarkStone, the project will hope to raise $12,000 during its thirty-day Kickstarter campaign.

The developer says that the funding would allow it to produce a “higher-quality” title and add “more locations, ships, mercenary contracts.”

Should Outstation hit its initial target, DarkStone will introduce stretch tiers that will include features like extra upgrades and local multiplayer for the space-themed title.

Outstation draws inspiration from sci-fi westerns like Firefly and has players exploring a new frontier.

Players can customize both their weapons and ship as they battle against waves of different enemies.

DarkStone says that the original concept for its project was influenced by the history of the American railroads.

The demo will also be made available on, Game Jolt, Indie DB and the developer’s website.

Outstation has been confirmed for release on PC, while DarkStone says on its website that it has plans for the title to head to Linux and Xbox One.

“I am heavily inspired by Firefly for the universe and feel of Outstation, which is why it blends so well with the history of the American railroads which birthed the idea for Outstation,” says DarkStone founder Brian Clarke.

“Back when the railroads were first being built across America, the outlaw era was born. Bandits would board trains and easily commit robberies. There was no system in place for protecting the railway.

“This was when the railroads realized the need for their own police and would hire strong and aggressive types to defend the trains.

“Many engaging in gun battles and some dying protecting the trains.” ​