Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue Showcased With Steam Next Demo, New Trailer

Firefighting is a topic we don’t see done a lot in gaming – and it hasn’t been done in a kind of light-hearted manner since the SNES days. Games like The Firefighters in Japan and The Ignition Factor in the US managed to blend in firefighting’s dangers with gaming action – and Firegirl does that in some new ways.

Throughout her adventure, Firegirl slices through obstacles with an axe to help save folks while also blasting a way fire with hoses and using a jetpack to soar around environments and put out more fires while saving people. A new demo has hit Steam as part of Next Fest  until October 7 and the full game hits Steam, alongside the Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, PS4, and PS5 on December 14.