Firewatch Coming to Switch

It’s that time of year again, Spring is in full swing and Summer is right around the corner. Soon the campfires will be roaring as the season of vacation rolls in. What better way to prepare for summer 2018 than with Campo Santo announcing that critically acclaimed Firewatch is coming to Switch.

Get ready to relieve the summer of 1989 playing Henry, a man down in life who might just be running away from his problems; taking a fire lookout position in Wyoming after the recent Yellowstone wildfires of 1988 with only his supervisor Delilah to converse with it’s sure to be a long summer.

Firewatch has won multiple awards for it’s first person narrative-adventure, and now that its coming to Nintendo Switch, you can play as a fire lookout right next to a real campfire. Stay tuned for an official release date some time before Spring is out.

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