First Contact is About to Bring a Single-Player Version of I Am Not a Monster

Publisher Alawar and developer Cheerdealers today announced a release date for First Contact, a single-player version of I am not a Monster.

According to the publisher, the single-player experience will be heading to PC on September 19 and will be available as a free update for those who own the multiplayer title.

Cheerdealers has announced that a ‘free weekend’ will be held from Friday, September 6, until Monday, September 9, on Steam.

And the I am not a Monster developer said those who participate would have access to the new single-player update when it’s released later this month.

First Contact introduces eight playable characters and forty unique levels, with Cheerdealers saying that the single-player campaign is roughly ten hours long.

Alawar and Cheerdealers have said that the beta is accessible for I am not a Monster owners through Steam.

And players will be able to access six levels and seven characters in the beta, along with providing feedback to the development team and learning more about the story.

“Captain Laser, a famous hero of space battles, is once again invaded by vicious monsters… he fights them off, protecting all the passengers and starship crew,” says Stanislav Stepchenko, a producer at Cheerdealers.

“There’s something different about this battle, though; it just doesn’t feel the same to him; there is more than meets the eye…

“As the narrative continues, he will soon learn the true nature of these monsters, thus revealing hidden secrets about the other passengers.”