First Details on Reco Love Released

Following this week’s announcement of Reco Love in the latest issue of Famitsu, additional details on the game have been published.

So far it was known that the game–produced by Photo Kano’s Ichiro Sugiyama, and developed by Dingo–would be split into two versions; Reco Love: Blue Ocean, and Reco Love: Gold Beach. And that both games will include the same setting and characters, but the narratives would differ.

Details on the narrative have now been shared: Reco Love’s protagonist is in his second year of high school at Mitsumi Academy, and during summer vacation, he attempts to become close with the heroines as the Mitsumi Festival on the last day of camp approaches.

When it comes to using the game’s video feature–which can purposely be used in rather lewd ways–will use the PlayStation Vita’s motion sensor’s to allow the player to film in whichever angle they choose as they interact with the girls of the camp. Recorded videos will be able to be saved and uploaded to Niconico and YouTube.

Both Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach will be released on the PlayStation Vita during the summer of 2016.