First Ever Cuphead Novel, Cuphead in Carnival Chaos, Officially Announced

Novels based on video games certainly aren’t a new thing, but with the most prominent ones these days being based on horror games such as Five Nights at Freddy’s and Hello Neighbor, it seems a bit odd for Cuphead to be the latest game making the jump to print. Odd, but very much welcome. Studio MDHR has announced the first novel for Cuphead, titled Cuphead in Carnival Chaos, set to be published by Little Brown and written by Ron Bates.

As the title suggests, the book features our trio of Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice heading to a carnival that comes to town while searching for a gift for Elder Kettle’s birthday. As expected, things go south quickly, with enemies around the carnival either trying to trick or rob them. So now our heroes have to escape, fight their way out, and still grab a present for Elder Kettle. The novel will also not only feature twenty new illustrations from Studio MDHR’s Lance Miller, but said illustrations will apparently contain hidden secrets for an “interactive treasure hunt.”

What exactly this hunt is is still a bit of a mystery…as of the inclusion of Ms. Chalice. Given that we still haven’t learned how exactly she returns in a younger form for the game’s upcoming DLC despite being deceased in the main game, it should be interesting to see how the novel can explain this…or is this all a tie-in for the DLC, or at least suggesting that The Delicious Last Course will be out by then? Just some food for thought to tide one over until Cuphead in Carnival Chaos comes out on March 3, 2020.