First Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Post-Release Patch Available

It has only been two weeks since Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker was released, but we already have the first patch. This update isn’t for adjustments (although there are fixes to a number of elements, including the oddly low-polygon grapes in Labyrinthos), but instead the introduction of the first raid tier: Asphodelos.

Like prior expansions, the first tier comes two weeks before its Savage counterpart, which means players will be able to evaluate and formulate potential mechanics in preparation for the first week of January. You will be pitted against four unique enemies in Lahabrea’s Pandemonium dungeon nightmare, allowing us to gear up ever so slightly. The minimum ilevel for the normal raids will be 565, which is actually a higher ratio than it was in the past. To find the full depth of the patch notes, you can find them on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is available right now for PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, if you don’t already own the base game, you won’t be able to purchase the game due to congestion restrictions. This will lift sometime in the (hopefully relatively soon) future.

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