First Issue of Last of Us Comic Releases Early, is Available Today

The Last of Us’ release date is fast-approaching. But as the PlayStation exclusive still remains a few months off, many fans are finding themselves clawing for every last shred of information concerning the game. In that regard, today’s news may come as a delight in that the game’s first issue of its Dark Horse-published comic series has been released early! The Last of Us: American Dreams is a comic book prequel to the game and is being handled by creative director Neil Druchmann and comic icon Faith Erin Hicks. The four-part miniseries introduce audiences to the story of Ellie, the thirteen-year-old protagonist of the forthcoming game. The narrative follows Ellie as she adjusts to post-pandemic life at a new military boarding school, and gives her a glimpse at the violent ways of the outside world.

For those anticipating the upcoming title, The Last of Us hits store shelves for PlayStation 3 both digitally and physically on June 14, while American Dreams #1 is out as of today. So, run to your local comic book shop or mobile device to read all that sweet, sweet Last of Us goodness. In the meantime, check out the first issue’s cover below.