First Major PS5 Firmware Update Arrives Tomorrow

PlayStation today dropped details about the first major firmware update for PS5, which focuses heavily on storage and social features.

It’s been five months since the PS5 launched worldwide, and we’re finally getting our first major firmware update. The update rolls out tomorrow, April 14 with a focus on USB storage, social features, and even some neat personalization options.

First up, players can now store PS5 games on external USB drives. You’ll be able to transfer games from your PS5 SSD to a USB device and vice-versa. However, due to PS5 games being designed around SSD technology, you won’t be able to play games off the USB devices. This is a half-step with Sony continuing to promise support for storage expansion via M.2 devices sometime in the future.

On the social side, Share Play will now work across PS5 and PS4 devices. PS5 players can share their screen with PS4 players, and PS4 players can play the shared game virtually. Share Play was already a great feature, and now it’s even better. The update also brings PS5 and PS4 players closer together with friend’s joinable game sessions appearing on both consoles.

In terms of personalization, an improved Game Base makes it quicker to switch between Parties and Friends. You’ll also be able to disable game chat or adjust player’s volume, pre-download game updates, customize your Game Library, adjust the magnification of your screen, and further tweak Trophy settings and Stats screen.

The new PS5 firmware update rolls out tomorrow, April 14.

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