First of Three Madden NFL 21 Franchise Updates Coming November 12

With the next generation on the horizon, EA is addressing some requested feedback for the Franchise Mode in Madden NFL 21. There will be three updates with the first launching on November 12. EA has worked with Franchise Community Members to address some needs in the mode. The first request comes in the terms of development trait regression. With a new logic in place, eligible players will regress in a prioritized manner. The option also exists to have a Quarterback break out scenario for players. All of this can be turned off if the player desires.

A things-to-do tab will be added to Franchise Mode and a playoff bracket can now be viewed that starts in Week 13. This shows the current playoff picture if the season ended on that day. Once the playoffs begin, the bracket will show the scores of those weeks along with a box score to view what went down in each game. There will also be a new stat breakdown that shows what a player did each week during the season. Retirements can now be viewed directly on the things to do tab.

X-Factors can now be fully customized for players within Core Franchise. Commissioners can now edit these abilities for both player and computer controlled teams. Abilities will continue to force requirements to be met, so a player must reach the overall threshold for an ability in the specific archetype. This is all done specifically on the player card itself.

The update that is targeted for mid-January will give Commissioners more tools. There will also be new CPU draft logic enhancements. This can include if a team needs a QB in the first round or not and also addresses teams that will draft two QBs in the first round.

Madden NFL 21 will also launch on December 4 for the next generation and players who purchased the current generation version are offered dual entitlement. You can read the full Gridiron Notes for Madden NFL 21 here.

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