First One’s Free: Dead or Alive 5 DLC

If you’re like me, you’ve enjoyed the Dead or Alive franchise since it really hit its stride in 2000 with the second iteration. With the recent release of Dead or Alive 5, fans have been enjoying the rather soap opera-esque storyline and voluptuous main heroines, but Team Ninja isn’t done just yet. Today, Tecmo is offering a downloadable pack through Xbox Live and the Playstation Store featuring some classic DOA costumes (and alternatives for newer characters and guests).

This downloadable content will be completely free of charge, but I doubt you can rely on this being Tecmo’s pricing scheme for much longer. Most companies are now adapting microtransactions for small cosmetic things such as costumes and accessories. You will get eleven brand new outfits to an already packed wardrobe for Tina, Bayman, Kokoro, Jan-Lee, Christie, Helena, Zack, Gen-Fu, Mila, Pai Chan, and Sarah Bryant.