First Resident Evil 6 DLC to be a Timed Exclsuive, Releases this Month

Can’t get enough of Resident Evil 6? Well, for starters, I’m sorry to hear that. Secondly, you’ll probably rejoice then at the news Capcom released today when they confirmed the game’s first DLC will hit digital shelves in two weeks on December 18. Oh, but only for 360. That’s right; this is a timed exclsuive that will be available first for Xbox then PS3 sometime down the road. Let the Sony fanboy groans commence right about… now. The DLC will add three new multiplayer modes including: Survivor, Predator and Onslaught. Fortunately, you can choose to buy them each individually for 320 Microsoft Points or as a package deal for 720.

Survivor mode is an interesting take on the basic team deathmatch formula; whenever a player dies, they respawn on the opposite team. The last person standing wins. Seems pretty self-explanatory.

Predator will support up to six players, and put one person in the role of Ustanak and require them to hunt down all the others. Those trying to run away will need quick wit and cooperation in order to survive until time runs out, or take down the B.O.W altogether.

Lastly, Onslaught makes it so that two players go up against each other in order to see who can clear waves of oncoming enemies the fastest. What’s more is that each player can grief the other by linking together combo attacks to send enemies over to their opponent’s side of the battlefield, naturally making it harder for them claim victory. This essentially sounds like a competitive Horde mode, and if you ask me, seems like it could make for a hilariously good time of just trying to screw over your buddy as much as possible. Nothing says friendship like betrayal, right? Darwin said survival of the fittest – I bet he was referencing this Resident Evil 6 DLC when he coined the phrase.