First Tetris Beat Update Adds New Musicians, Four Playable Tracks

Tetris has been going strong for decades now, but its visuals and audio have come a long way from its chiptune Russian “Korobeiniki” theme song and simple colored blocks. The latest incarnation of the series, Tetris Beat, released in August on Apple Arcade features a Lumines-esque gameplay aesthetic that merges puzzle gameplay with pulsating beats and visuals.

The game launched with eighteen playable tracks but has this week been updated to include four additional tracks from artists like Katherine Ho and DJ Qbert. Furthermore, additional updates have been made that include a new leaderboard, performance optimization, improved visual settings and more.

Apple Arcade subscribers can download the game for free as part of their subscription.

Check out the new musicians and tracks below:

  • Katherine Ho – Dancing All Alone
  • DJ Qbert – HYDRA
  • Marcopatino -Fall for You
  • Miyachi – Takusan