Fly Punch Boom! Lives Up to Its Name With Demo and Trailer

It’s fun to hit things, and even more fun to hit them harder.  Punching something so hard it flies into the moon’s butt-crack is a whole new level of force, but that’s just the start of the cartoon violence in today’s release of the Fly Punch Boom! demo.  Fly Punch Boom! is an aerial fighter for up to four players, combining hard-hitting action with environmental destruction in an arena that’s going to be decimated by all the upbeat carnage of the Looney Tunes-meets-Dragon Ball Z brawling.  Each player comes equipped with three basic moves- Punch, Throw, and Counter.  Counter beats Punch, Punch beats Throw, and Throw beats Counter in a high-energy game of rock-paper-scissors.  A big part of combat is reading your opponent, but there are also ways to toss around huge chunks of scenery, energize and unleash massive special moves, and discover other special arena-specific attacks.

Fly Punch Boom! is coming soon-ish for PC and Switch but for today there’s a brand new trailer to go with its Steam demo release.  Check out the trailer below for the theme song, or just head on over to the demo and start beating up your friends.  They probably deserve it.

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