Focus Entertainment to Publish Mundfish’s Upcoming Atomic Heart

Russian developer Mundfish’s upcoming alt-history, action RPG Atomic Heart will be getting a helping hand on the publishing front, by way of Focus Entertainment. Announced earlier today. Focus will help in bringing the game to its already-announced platforms across consoles and PC, however the publisher stopped short of updating proceedings with a more specific release date.

Last time we heard from Atomic Heart, all the way back during the E3-like period of last year — when it was announced the game would also be available on Xbox Game Pass day one — to say the game’s latest showing was a bit of an odd one (in all the right ways) would to undersell just what manner of antics Mundfish were cooking up. However, while Focus have not specifically stated it as such, it seems that Atomic Heart may possibly slip from its prior target of releasing this year. At a time when the game was cheekily suggesting that the game would be releasing in a month that ended in the letters “-ber”, so basically at any point in the next four months. The publisher stating instead the game is now set to release “this winter”. Alluding to the chance it may release early 2023 instead. We shall see; Atomic Heart will be available across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One & PC.