For Those Who Don’t Have Nuclear Throne, Here’s A Way To Fix That

Vlambeer’s superlative Nuclear Throne is finally finished and finds itself receiving rave reviews. For good reason, too. The title has seen many revisions over the early access period on Steam, becoming an addictive action Rogue-like shooter with excellent lite-RPG elements. Falling into a “just one more run” loop is frighteningly too easy.

Anyone who hasn’t taken the plunge yet will have extra incentive with January’s Indiebox offering. For those who are not familiar, this monthly service takes digital, high quality indie games and packages them up into a nice collector’s edition. Along with the game on USB drive and a Steam code, the boxes typically have a CD soundtrack. From there, the goodies packed in vary from a wide variety of game specific tchotchkes. It’s certainly something to look forward to and consider. A trailer for the title can be found below.