Fortnite Joy Ride Update Goes Live

Fortnite has gone from an underrated gem to a part of pop culture so quickly that it’s sometimes hard to remember that it’s an ever-evolving video game. It’s gone beyond what anyone could have realistically expected it to be, and today, Epic Games has released a new update for it. The Joy Ride update does what it says on the tin by adding a slew of new vehicles to drive around the area in. Whether you’re a die-hard player of the game every day, or you’re a lapsed fan who needed a new reason to get back in – the Joy Ride update looks to provide a fresh experience for all players.

Epic has really put some work into this, creating several fake automakers in-universe ala GTA to create a wide variety of vehicle types. You’ve got sedans from Victory Motors, a sports car from VM, the OG pick-up truck, and a T big rig to use to traverse and blast enemies away from a safe distance. Gas pumps and gas cans are able to keep you going – while the latter can be used for an attack if you need to. The update looks quite promising and definitely make Fortnite worth checking out a gain if you haven’t done so yet, or haven’t played in a while.