Fortnite’s Beef Boss Gets a Nendoroid

Fortnite is undoubtedly popular with younger audiences with its colorful characters and wacky dances. However, older crowds also enjoy its intense action as the timer runs down. No matter the age, this new Nendoroid can be for both groups of fans whether played with or displayed, but not to eat.

Beef Boss gets its own collectible and is looking quite delicious. The oversized burger head and two-tone outfit looks great in figure form. It has a Patty Whacker pickaxe and Drum Gun included. Articulated joints allow it to be posed in various ways. This particular Nendoroid doesn’t have as many features and accessories as some others, but its quality offers more burger for your buck.

Pre-orders are open from June 30 to August 27. However, Beef Burger won’t be available to own until November 2020. Check out images below for a closer look at Beef Boss.