Forza Horizon 3 Used to Pay Homage to Other Racing Games

Forza Horizon 3 is quite a versatile game and one that allows pretty much every kind of race to be played. The diverse roster of vehicles and in-depth paint tools allow you to create homages to other games – but what about using the game’s photography tool and game as a whole to create an homage to other racing games? The diversity of the game is represented with screenshots showing areas that you’d swear could at least be from other games. Sega’s iconic OutRun is showcased with a powersliding red Testarossa, while Burnout 2’s iconic green and blue car is shown mid-collision.

The Need For Speed Underground series is represented with night street races, while Project Gotham Racing 4 is shown off with incredible rain effects – a fitting homage with some of the Turn 10 team also working on that franchise. Even non-racing games like Driver are showcased here. This is certainly a labor of love, and imgur user EyuiS should be commended for taking the time to craft these.