Forza Series Surpasses $1 Billion in Sales

If there was any doubt Forza was a popular and as such, successful line of ongoing racing titles, the news today that collectively, the series has now exceeded over one billion dollars in revenue, will very much put the debate on the success of one of Xbox’s staple IP’s firmly to bed. Posting on Xbox’s official blog, Xbox Wire, Alan Hartman, Studio Head at Turn 10 Studios today announced the great milestone, claiming it “caps an amazing year” in which Forza Horizon 3 was garnered with near-universal acclaim across the board and regarded as not just the best entry in the series but one of the best racing games period.

He went into further detail, stating the series now has a player-base of over 14 million users spread across both Xbox and Windows 10 iterations with the confirmation that Horizon 3 has now sold through within the region of 2.5 million copies since it launched last September. It should be noted however the figures don’t go into specifics as to where and how the revenue was generated, meaning that the claimed one billion may well have come from secondary avenues such as DLC and micro-transactions alongside copies of the game itself. Nevertheless, it’s still a respectable achievement for a series that has only gotten better with each iteration.

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