FPS Meets EDM In Gun Jam’s Gameplay Reveal Trailer

If BPM: Bullets Per Minute and Metal: Hellsinger have been any indication, there appears to be a market out there for hybrids of rhythm games and first-person shooters. But whereas those games focused on heavy metal as their primary genre, Developer Jaw Drop Games has something different in mind for their upcoming entry into this subgenre, Gun Jam. The new gameplay reveal trailer from the recent Future Games Show instead focuses on an EDM soundtrack in a sci-fi world where players will have to shoot to the beat in order to survive, as seen in the video below.

Ironically for a game that sees you shooting along to the beat, the actual story sees you trying to rebel and escape it, as the “Beat” is use by the evil Speaker in this world in order to control all of the citizens, so it’s your job to battle the Speaker’s hypnotized troopers and break free from it. The clip here showcases a level where you have to use proper timing and strategy to blast enemies to the tune of the beat, especially when it changes up and makes you automatically switch to different weapons. You’ll also have to adapt to different genre beyond EDM as well, like trap and…well, more metal, because somethings never change (albeit industrial metal this time around). No release date or platforms beyond PC have been announced yet, but expect to see more of this promising rhythm shooter in the near future.