Free-To-Play Online FPS ‘Krunker’ Enters Fifth Season, Adds a Swath of Content

Despite appearing like a rather basic online FPS in terms of both looks and gameplay, Yendis Entertainment’s “Krunker” is still going quite strong. The game has just entered its fifth season, gaining over 1,000 new assets for fans to play around with as well as new daily challenges to complete. This means players have a way to earn more of Krunker’s in-game currency and get more weapon skins or other items.

It seems that the reason for Krunker’s success is its community of modders and other creators, and the developers have been doing their best to lean into that. This is probably why updates add “assets”  into the game rather than “content” like most other free-to-play games out there. The developers have even gone so far as to include tools and a creation interface to assist players in making everything from maps, to weapon skins and even new game modes. Check out last year’s Steam trailer for an idea of what this all looks like.

Indeed, from the outside it looks like a shooter based entirely around a much more robust version of Halo’s famous “Forge” mode. Is it enough for Krunker to compete with the likes of Halo or CS:GO eventually? Perhaps not, but it’s noteworthy all the same.

Krunker is available now on iOS, Android and PC via either browser or Steam.