Free Weekend on Steam for Excellent VR Music Game Synth Riders

While Beat Saber gets most of the love there’s a thriving genre of music games in VR that don’t involve light sabers.  One of the oldest is Synth Riders, which uses the familiar “trace the music with your hands” to create note patterns that lead you in a dance to the pounding beat.  While not exactly revolutionary in the gameplay department any more that’s got more to do with the standardization of the genre than any issue with Synth Riders, and in the years it’s been out the note tracks have gotten progressively more fun as new tracks get added and old ones tweaked.  It’s got a huge library in a variety of genres, some paid DLC but the bulk of the music included, and for this weekend starting today and going through Sunday it’s free on Steam.

Free, of course, as in free-play weekend.  If you haven’t got Synth Riders already then for the next several days there’s no reason not to load it up and go exploring.  The note charts are a blast to play with and the song selection is all over the place, not to mention a thriving and officially supported custom song scene.  If you’ve got a VR headset then Synth Riders is ready to play on Steam, good from now until some time Sunday depending on your time zone.  It’s one of the best music games available and not one to be missed if you can at all avoid it.

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