Freeform Building Game Main Assembly Announced for Steam Early Access

Developer Bad Yolk Games today announced its first title, Main Assembly, would be coming to Steam Early Access in 2019.

The Swedish studio, which was founded in 2017, has revealed the freeform building title will be powered on Unreal Engine 4 and will have a fully-fledged release in late 2020.

Bad Yolk boasts that Main Assembly will have an “advanced physics system with aerodynamics and robot destruction.”

Players are transported to a world where they take control of a drone, which possesses the ability to build and design different robots.

The player’s drone can craft different vehicles and will be put to the test through a series of different challenges.

In the world of Main Assembly, players will be able to fully customize their robots with different color options and accessories.

Bad Yolk has confirmed that the title will support both a single-player experience and multiplayer.

“Main Assembly is our first project, and we want to hit the ground running by wowing players with a wide variety of options in terms of construction and creativity while also providing sophisticated challenges that will put their creations to the test,” says Bad Yolk developer Mike Paixao.

“What we have now is already pretty amazing from a physics perspective and also a lot of fun to play with friends.

“We intend to polish and hone these features and are very much looking forward to player feedback to help us make the best game possible.”