Friend & Foe’s ‘Hallucinatory Adventure’ Vane Releasing in January for PS4

Tokyo-based developer Friend & Foe are making a bit of a habit of offering new details on their latest project and then disappearing for years at a time. Having previously unveiled their explorative/adventure title by the name of Vane, for the first time as far back as September 2014 and resurfacing during PSX 2016, the former developers behind titles such as The Last Guardian have emerged, again another two years later, to at last confirm the game is essentially finished and, more importantly, has stuck a release date.

Vane will launch exclusively for PS4 early next year, January 15. With similar elements to indie darlings like Journey, Vane sees players exploring a vast, seemingly baron and minimalist-styled desert, requiring them to transform from human to bird and back again, to not only progress onward, but also piece together the history of the surroundings one finds themselves in. The developers claim that the environment will “react” to the player’s involvement and passage through the world, but to what extent we’ll have to find out. You can get a refresher on the game’s look and presentation in the below trailer.