Funko Pop!s Based on Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and Portal are Coming this Fall

Valve has come out with some pretty popular games and Funko knows its fans will want to collect every possible product! Today, Funko announced two of Valve’s franchises will receive the Pop! vinyl treatment. Now, those who love Team Fortress 2 and Portal can look forward to picking up these figures.

The Team Fortress 2 line consists of three playable characters. Heavy comes equipped with a mini-gun and ready to shoot! Medic will be there to lend some support if you aren’t feeling too hot. There is also Scout who comes armed with a bat and cocky attitude. There are a total of four Portal figures to collect. Chell, the main character, is wielding the Portal Gun and comes with a little Companion Cube. You can get the dynamic robo-duo of P-Body and Atlas. Then, complete the set with one of the Turrets!

While it ain’t no Half-Life 3, we can make due with Team Fortress and Portal. They are both fun games and now come as great looking Pop!s this October. Who knows, maybe Half-Life will get some next!