Funko Reveals New Gears of War Pop!s for London Toy Fair

The London Toy Fair is about to begin and with it comes a number of new toys! Fans of collectibles can also get excited as Funko is sharing some reveals a little early. The first video game-related items they are showing comes from Gears of War.

At the moment there are only three to see. Marcus Fenix, Myrrah and a Drone are all depicted in concept art. The final images and a release date are yet to be shown. However, the official website does say coming soon. This is just another collaboration between Funko and The Coalition for more Gears of War products. The release of these figures will likely coincide with Gears Pop!, a mobile game in development.

Until we receive further details, have a look at what’s to come in the images below! Stay tuned for more Funko reveals and Gears of War news.