FuRyu Teaser Site Opens Up For New 3DS RPG, The Legend of Legacy

Previously, FuRyu had dialed the intrigue up to 11 by putting together a teaser site for something called Project Legacy. As far as mysteries surrounding little known Japanese game developers and their websites go, this was easily one of the biggest ones last week. Top five, for sure.

Since then, FuRyu has drawn back the curtain and turned their teaser page into an actual website with an announcement for a new game. Project Legacy is now a 3DS RPG set to be released on January 22, 2015 titled The Legend of Legacy and, wow, what a hilariously bad title.

That is like one step away from “The Legend of Legendary Legends: Legend Edition.” And while the site itself doesn’t have much else to go by just yet, Gematsu managed to obtain a scan and translated some parts showing that the game will have seven different selectable protagonists and revolve around some sort of cartography system.

Here’s hoping more information becomes available shortly, including some sort of indication of whether this will be seeing a release outside of Japan or not.