Fuse Demo Hits Next Week

Insomniac Games is not giving up on convincing the world that their first ever multi-platform release, Fuse, will be more than just a sleeper hit. The upcoming third-person tactical shooter will be receiving a demo that will hit Xbox Live and the Playstation Store in four day on May 7. The demo will come complete with cooperative play with up to four people across the network or two locally.

“When it comes to Fuse, the biggest thing we’ve noticed when sharing it with others for the first time is that playing is believing,” said Ted Price, CEO and founder of Insomniac Games. “Fuse takes four player co-op in a new direction with features you won’t find in other third person shooters: from LEAP where you can jump between each of the four unique agents at will to the experimental Xenotech weapons to the deep RPG-like character progression system. And by the way, all of these features rock for solo players as well. Join us in this brand new universe for a quintessential Insomniac Games experience.”

Fuse will be out on May 28, 2013 and three days later in Europe for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Here’s hoping it lives up to its hype as there’s a lot potential to be found. A colorful cast of characters, four player co-op and incredibly creative weapons; what can go wrong?