Futuridium EP Deluxe On Sale Monday Morning from Limited Run Games

It’s taken a while for Limited Run Games to get to the planned bi-weekly releases but as of Monday morning that’s finally happening with the release of Futuridium EP Deluxe.  For as much as has been written about LRG it’s hard to believe there have only been three titles released so far, or five if you count by platform, but starting tomorrow (at the time of this writing) it looks like the library of tiny little print run games is going to grow at a decent pace.  June has two games planned and then August sees the start of the Eastasiasoft library, so it’s going to be a busy couple of months for fans and collectors.

While one of the June games is unannounced (rumored to be Octodad) the second one is Xeodrifter for PS4 and Vita.  Xeodrifter doesn’t seem like a major game, although it’s actually a really nice little Metroidvania, but the important thing about it is that the publisher, Gambitious, has close ties to Devolver Digital.  Proper handling of Xeodrifter has the potential to lead to an agreement with Devolver, which could lead to any number of interesting possibilities.  Broforce, Titan Souls, OlliOlli and its sequel, the two Hotline Miami games, etc.  If things work out it could be a perfect match, but first Xeodrifter has to do well for itself.

And in the immediate future there’s Futuridium EP Deluxe.  Futuridium is a semi-Star Fox type of game where you shoot all the blue cubes on a mothership while dodging fire from its gun emplacements, except the more levels you clear the stranger they get.  It’s a stylish little shooter where each level is a combination combo and speed-run puzzle as you try to chain the destruction of the cubes together as quickly as possible before your ship’s energy runs out.  The low-poly flat-shaded look is enhanced by some neat shader tricks, and the soundtrack is especially good.  It’s a solid addition to anyone’s collection, and at only 2,000 copies total for PS4 and another 2k for Vita it doesn’t seem likely for Futuridium’s sales window to stay open very long.  Like Oddworld there are strict limits of one per customer, but low numbers like this go quick.  The company is called Limited Run Games for a reason, and Futuridium is about as limited as it gets.