G.Rev Coming to Steam With First Self-Published Game, Strania

It’s been a great month for arcade shooters on PC.  October saw the excellent XIIZeal, November got Cave’s Mushihimesama, and now, out of the blue, G.Rev is self-publishing Strania: The Stella Machine on Steam at the end of this month, November 26.  Strania is a shooter that, technically, can be classified as vertical, but the action is just as likely to go horizontal or even sometimes into the background as it is to scroll upwards.  The giant robots duking it out for the supremacy of their respective worlds have a good variety of weapons to find via powerup drops during the levels, although you’ll want to take care not to ruin your current strategy by grabbing the wrong thing at the wrong time.  The Steam version of Strania includes both the original game and the Side Vower DLC, letting you fight for both the world of Strania and their Vower enemies depending on which story you decide to follow on each run.

Strania is the first game from G.Rev to make it to PC, but hopefully not the last.  Border Down and Under Defeat could use a new audience, and I’ve got to admit to a weak spot for Mamorokun Curse.  It’s hard to say why arcade shooters are having a PC renaissance at the tail end of 2015, but it’s more than welcome to last for as long as humanly possible.

Head on over to Strania’s Steam page to check out the details, complete with super-informative trailer.