Game Freak’s Little Town Hero Arrives in October

Well, this was a sudden surprise during today’s Nintendo Direct. We first heard about Game Freak’s new RPG Town almost exactly a year ago, but since then, silence. In fact, the only development that seemingly happened between then and now was a single brand new screenshot. But just like that, not only is the game now rechristened as Little Town Hero, but it has a sudden October release date!

As the clip below from the Direct shows, you play as a young hero named Axe, living in a town where the only rule is to never leave. So once giant monsters show up, taking them on requires strategy, moving around the town for additional help, all while fighting with thoughts. As an additional bonus, Toby Fox of Undertale fame will be composing practically all of the music for the game, promising an incredible soundtrack. Little Town Hero arrives on October 16 for the Switch, about a month before Game Freak’s next big Switch RPG.

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