GameCube Getting MemCard PRO

Back in 2021, the MemCard PRO released for PlayStation 1. The concept was awesome – one memory card with MicroSD card support to enable practically infinite game saves on your PS1 hardware. The same team are now back to release a version for GameCube.

No longer do GameCube owners have to juggle memory cards and worry about “block” storage. The MemCard PRO for GC enables users to create tons of virtual memory cards using a MicroSD card (up to 2TB), flash drive, or external hard drive as desired. The memory card features a built in wi-fi connection which enables FTP access to the card. This way you’ll be able to easily manage saves on PC.

Pre-orders open for the MemCard PRO on February 1. Be sure to check it out as pre-orders on niche retro gear tend to sell out fast.