Gameplay Snippets, Release Date Revealed for Void Terrarium

It’s official, void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium (aka “Void Terrarium) will be hitting North America on July 14. European gamers will be getting the game a few days earlier on July 10 while those out in Oceania will have to wait until July 17. NIS America released a new trailer for the game to accompany the announcement, revealing a bit more gameplay and some hints about how Void Terrarium’s ruined world came to be.

Playing the role of a compassionate maintenance bot, player are charged with taking care of an extremely sick young girl named “Toriko.” As far as the other machines in the area are aware, she’s the very last human left alive after some sort of catalclysm. Once she dies, that’s it for the human race. Saving her will require a lot of hard work and risky confrontations with wild creatures, but this little robot might just be up to the task.

Void Terrarium Special Edition

NIS America also announced a sixty dollar special physical edition for the game. This package includes a collector’s box, “status apparatus” mood chart, a “Sporific Sounds” soundtrack CD, a “Tori-gatchi” keychain, an “A.I. Love You” lapel pin set and a “Hand-Plucked Hope” poster.