GameStop’s Top Black Friday Deals

Now that the infamous Black Friday is upon us, it’s time for all of the deals to start popping up. GameStop this year didn’t just announce their deals a day early, but you can actually take advantage of them today, too. So here they are.

Games like Wolfenstein II and The Evil Within 2 have been dropped to half price, coming in at $25. Injustice 2 is only $14, and tons of other new games are on sale.

Consoles have also been drastically discounted. The Xbox One S with 500GB of storage will run you $189.99, a PlayStation 4 Slim is only $199.99, and a PlayStation 4 Pro is currently $349.99. The Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One X will not be getting any price cuts.

Hardware like the PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive have been reduced to $$299.99 and $599.99, respectively. A Hyper X headset will only cost $49.99, and a Blue Yeti Microphone (with a copy of Assassin’s Creed Origins included), will cost just $99.99. Razer products are on sale too, like the Death Adder mouse for $49.99, and the Chroma V2 keyboard for $69.99.

Those are some of the highlights, but be sure to check out all the deals at Black Friday is always a good chance to get Christmas presents for others, but it’s also a great time to snag some gear for yourself.

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