Gauntlet Releases Turkey Surprise: New Colloseum Game Mode, New Hero

After announcing that Gauntlet players reached the goal of 1 million turkeys killed over the Thanksgiving holiday, Arrowhead has delivered the surprise. Colosseum, a new game mode, will allow players to take on various arenas, fighting wave after wave of difficult enemies. If you survive all the waves in one arena, you unlock the second one.

Completing the arenas earns your character bonus cosmetic items, much like are available for purchase with in-game gold already, according to the Steam patch notes. New arenas will be released each season.

Gauntlet also released a new hero for purchase, currently going for $4.99 on the Steam store, Lilith The Necromancer. Lilith stays true to her title and uses lots of ghostly powers to raise an undead army.