GDC 14: Roundabout is a Ridiculous Driving Game Coming to Xbox One

Yesterday Microsoft revealed a list of 25 indie games that would be coming to Xbox One as part of their ID@Xbox campaign. Although many of the games are simply ports or updates of existing titles, at least a few are entirely new properties. Roundabout is one of the new, and exceedingly strange, upcoming games.

In Roundabout, players take control of a blue limousine as they must chauffeur passengers to their destinations. That’s the normal part. The weird thing is that, for whatever reason, your limo is constantly spinning around as it drives. That means you not only have to get to locations but also do so while not being driven insane by your vehicle’s penchant for constantly changing directions.

It’s a bit hard to explain, but a trailer was released that showcases a good deal of gameplay. Developer No Goblin has only announced Roundabout for Xbox One and PC.