GDC Cancels 2020 Summer Physical Event, Goes Digital

With conventions, festivals and other large gatherings being cancelled late into the year as of recent due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it made many wonder about the fate of the 2020 Game Developers Conference. Originally set to take place in March in San Francisco, GDC 2020 was one of the first large gatherings to be postponed or cancelled due to the 2019-2020 coronavirus outbreak. Instead of cancelling it outright, event organizers decided to hold some planned talks online and move the physical component to August under the new name “GDC Summer.” Today, however, they’ve made the decision to forgo having a physical convention altogether and instead hold the event digitally.

On a statement posted on the GDC website, it was stated that “While GDC organizers look forward to meeting again in person as soon as possible, this August’s GDC Summer will be transformed into an all-digital event in order to best serve our community.

We have been continuously reviewing the best ways to serve the game development community over the past few months as the world has continued to adapt to developments. While we very much look forward to meeting again in person as soon as possible, we are moving forward with a plan to transform GDC Summer into an all-digital event, in order to best serve our community.

As so many game developers embrace remote working arrangements and online collaboration, we’re inspired to adapt and deliver GDC in a digital format that will be available to everyone with an internet connection, and will work hard to deliver the high-quality content and networking opportunities GDC attendees have come to expect.

We believe in the power of gathering our community to share, inspire, and strengthen our industry and are committed to providing that opportunity in August. We look forward to sharing more information about GDC Summer soon.”

It seems as if organizers hope to again hold a physical convention in the future, but not until at least 2021. PAX West as of last week still plans to hold their convention later this year.