Gears of War 4 Gets Cupid’s Torque Bow Valentines Day Event

Valentine’s day is Tuesday and with love in the air what better way is their to celebrate with you’re special someone than blowing up some aliens in Gears of War 4’s new multiplayer event.

The event announced here, aptly titled Cupid Torque Bow Tag, is available from now until February 20 and features a special pink Torque Bow that explores into hearts when it hits an enemy with a special sounds effect and animation to boot.

The event also comes with a a chance at a Mystery Gear pack, which were previously given away during the Christmas event and feature a number of rare cosmetic items to collect.

The update is live now so feel free to call up your favorite guy or gal to let the fragging begin. You can check out a brief glimpse of the lovely chaos of the mode below: